Rav - Amber - Bernstein

The Amber Room is located in the Katharina the 2nd palas south of Sankt Petersborg, Russia.

In total approx 7 ton Amber has been used to create this 8th world wonder.

My visit to the Amber Room.

I have visited the Amber Room three times. This, inself, is not remarkable. What was special however was that through a good contact, I was allowed an exclusively visit the workshop that produced the impressive panels made entirely in amber, which collectively today make up the Amber Room. 

I have followed the work since it was approximately 15% finished. The last time I was there was two days after the official opening of the Amber Room in connection with St. Petersburg´s 300th anniversary in 2003, wher the Amber Room was presented in all its splendour - the 8th wonder of the world.

Here I was so lucky to get acquainted with probably the world´s best amber artisans. I was allowed free photographic access to whatever I wanted during the actual work process, a privilege accorded to only few people and therefore why the pistures here are particulary unique. 

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